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Our specialty: Web applications are becoming more and more complex and have long ceased to be simple websites. Using the latest frameworks such as Angular or ReactJS, we offer you web developments that can run directly on your server and are accessible from anywhere. Usually we link the application with a backend by means of communication via the interface. This allows us to separate the interface and the server and enables independent web development and scaling, which makes maintenance easier.


Implementation of interfaces (APIs) for your solution. Thus any devices or apps such as Android & amp; iOS can be connected to the server and communicate with it. Usually, the interface serves as access to the database such as MySQL or MongoDB or to other third-party providers who work with the solution. With frameworks like NodeJS and the MongoDB database, we achieve scalable applications as soon as it becomes critical.


Development of Android & amp; iOS apps / solutions for your company. We also offer hybrid solutions that allow us to develop an app once and run it on the major platforms with little effort. We achieve this solution by using Ionic, through which we develop a web-based application and get solutions for Android and iOS.


With our monitoring system, we offer you professional monitoring of the application, operating system, hardware, network and data center. This enables us to identify problems and errors even faster and prevent them from revealing their effects and becoming threatening


Do you know that?
Do you have an IT concern, but you only understand the technical jargon of “train station” !?
We translate for you until we speak the same language and give you fair, neutral and understandable advice. Our goal is to work with you to make the right decisions that are understandable for you.


If your problems grow … we will generate solutions from them. Your IT problems are very welcome. We love to develop solutions for it, to demonstrate and implement IT strategies.
No matter how complex your requirements are, we create opportunities to implement them.


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