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Software Development in Berlin, Potsdam and Ludwigsburg (BW)

Software Development in Berlin, Potsdam and Ludwigsburg (BW)

Safer Infrastructure, Service & Support

Desktop – Server – Network – Firewall – WLAN – Cloud – IP Telephony
Desktop, server, network, firewall, WLAN. All systems are maintained and protected by us for a smooth IT operation.

Virtual Systems

Wherever you are. Internet is enough. We have specialized in the operation of virtual IT systems. Whether in a cloud or in your own server rack – virtual desktop systems are efficient & flexible. Expensive and time-consuming o

The choice of a cloud system: We take care of it

Public, Private, Hybrid or Community Cloud? We know which cloud system is right for you. Biene IT advises you on possible scenarios for your IT systems, IT services and applications. Of course, we also take care of the migration and implementations – this ensures a seamless outsourcing of your systems.

Web Development – Interfaces – Android – iOS
Our full stack consists of the following areas:



Our area of expertise: Web applications are becoming more and more complex and have long since ceased to be simple websites. Using the latest frameworks such as Angular or ReactJS, we offer web applications that can run directly on your server and are accessible from anywhere. As a rule, we link the application with a backend by means of communication via the interface. This allows us to separate the surface and the server and allows independent development and scaling, which makes maintenance easier.
We know the intersections between web layout and web programming. We create the web design for your website and ensure a user-friendly process and reach your target group. Our in-house communication saves you the time-consuming mediation between different agencies. With us you get everything from one source – software development, web design and programming.


Implementation of interfaces (APIs) for your solution. Hence, any devices or apps such as Android & iOS can be connected to the server and interact with it. Usually, the interface serves as access to databases such as MySQL or MongoDB or to other third party vendors that work with the solution. With frameworks like NodeJS and with the database MongoDB we achieve scalable applications as soon as it becomes critical.


Development of Android & iOS Apps/solutions for your company. We also offer hybrid solutions that allow us to develop an app uniquely and run it on the large platforms without much effort. We achieve this solution by using Ionic, which allows us to develop a web-based application and get solutions for Android and iOS.

IT project management

Larger, very complex IT projects – including software conversions, software developments, software migrations, system migrations and consolidations – can only be carried out with several participants, such as employees, departments and external service providers. You have to manage various tasks. Otherwise it is not possible to cope with the extensive tasks. Biene IT takes over the function of the IT project manager for you.


We know the typical pitfalls of project management. Don’t make the mistake and give your demanding IT project to an employee who should prove himself with it, but has no experience in project management. Instead, hand over your IT project to Biene IT and put your trust in our many years of experience in this area. We professionally take care of the planning, implementation and – most importantly! – the completion of your IT needs. We form the human interface between the application development and the users. We promote cooperation and exchange between the specialist departments and assume responsibility for implementation and target achievement. We create and monitor the time and budget plan for the project and adapt the project planning to changed realities. The distribution of tasks and the coordination of all project participants is carried out by us. A responsible use of resources in order to achieve the best result is a matter of course for us. Patrick Bienert and his team are not afraid of IT challenges, guided by the motto: We really can do it!


With our monitoring system we offer you professional surveillance of application, operating system, hardware, network and data center. This enables us to detect problems and errors even more quickly and prevent them from revealing their effects and becoming threatening.

IT Interpreter

Do you know it?
You have an IT concern, but you understand all the technical jargon but it’s all Greek to you?
We translate for you until we speak the same language and advise you fairly, neutrally and comprehensibly. Our goal is to work with you to make the right decisions that you can comprehensively understand.

Solution finder

If your problems grow… we generate solutions from it. Your IT problems are very welcome. We love to develop solutions, to show IT strategies and to implement them.
No matter how complex your requirements are, we create possibilities to realize them.

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