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Our Latest Biene IT Campaign: Free Analysis Of Your Website

You already have a website? That’s great, because it is the figurehead of your company and at best it will set you apart from your competitors! But how good and secure is your internet presence in fact?

That is what we at Biene IT will gladly find out for you. We analyse your website according to the following important aspects:

  • Content

The contents are the main reason for visiting your website! So let’s be critical: Are the contents of your website high quality, interesting and up-to-date? Are they presented in an understandable and logical way? What about special features and unique selling points? Are they barrier-free?

  • Navigation

Navigation should be based on the existing, learned user patterns: Is the structure clear and logical, intuitive and easy to use? Is the access to desired content direct? Is the navigation always available and can the start page be called up from anywhere? Is the desired content quickly reached?

  • Design

The design has to be matched to content and navigation: Is it suitable in form and colour and thematically appealing? What atmosphere does the website convey? Are the page elements clearly arranged and is the content readable due to font, line length and spacing? Is the contrast balanced?

And very importnat:

  • Data protection conformity

What about the privacy policy on your website? It is not enough to hide it somewhere. Rather, the tightening of the law requires a direct indication and active confirmation of the declaration by the visitor. Violations may result in warnings and high financial penalties!

Within the scope of our campaign, which is free of charge for you until 31.01.2020, we will examine your internet presence with regard to these important points. Potentials will be recognized, mistakes avoided and the future can be planned.

Do not hesitate, request your free website analysis from Biene IT now!

Are you already aware of the weak points of your website and would you like to have them fixed? Then request a non-binding offer directly! Comfortably under the following link: , per or by phone: 0049 331 – 27 97 3552.

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