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We analyze your website according to the following important aspects:

The content is the reason for visiting your website! So let’s be critical: is the content high quality, interesting and up-to-date? Are they presented clearly and logically? What about special features and unique selling points? Are you barrier-free?

The navigation should be based on the existing, learned user patterns: Is the structure clear and logical, intuitive and easy to use? Direct access to the desired content? Is the navigation always visible and is the start page accessible from anywhere? Is the content you are looking for reached quickly?

The design must be coordinated with the content and navigation: Is it suitable in terms of shape and color and is it thematically appropriate? What atmosphere does the website convey?
Are the page elements clearly arranged and are the contents easy to read thanks to the font, line length and spacing? Is the contrast right?

What about the data protection declaration on your website? It is not enough to hide them somewhere. Rather, the tightening of the law requires direct reference and active confirmation of the declaration by the visitor. Violations can result in warnings and high fines!


What do you get from the
free analysis

As part of our campaign, which is free of charge for you, we will examine your website with regard to these important points. Potentials are recognized, mistakes are avoided and the future can be planned.

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