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Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Icinga2 (examples of Monitoring).

Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Icinga2 (examples of Monitoring).


Monitoring plays an inevitable part in any IT infrastructure. It could be argued that monitoring tools are the most essential, providing crucial information that will help you ensure service up time and optimal performance. A well configured monitoring setup will keep track of all the important activities and most importantly alert us in case of problems. This gives the space for system administrators to sleep peacefully knowing that he/she will be alerted in case if something is broken.

Icinga 2 is a flexible, Enterprise open source monitoring platform that has the capability to cover most of your monitoring requirements. Icinga 2 is very strong at monitoring servers and devices, supporting both direct monitoring and SNMP. It excels at providing data and alerts for availability, connectivity, and general health checks of your IT infrastructure. Icinga 2 is scalable and extensible, Icinga 2 can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations.

Here’s a screenshot of Icinga’s dashboard:

Examples of Icinga’s Open Source Monitoring Tool

  • Monitoring Windows Server and services

  • Monitoring Linux Server and services


As you can see, we have presented some of the main functionalities that Icinga2 have. The spectrum of possibilities is much higher because there are all possible plugins for Icinga2 that you can imagine.

Icinga 2 shines because of its flexibility, ease of use, and enterprise scalability and performance. It’s worth considering in order to standardize and consolidate some of your existing monitoring toolsets or as an upgrade from Nagios.

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